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Selling with a Purpose

Fundraising Sales

We’re all about selling more pizza.

But we get even more excited when we get to help others with every slice sold.

Take & Bake Sales


The only thing better than raising money for a good cause is raising money while making and eating pizza. To get started, buy Johnny’s Pizza House Take & Bake pizza cards at ridiculously low discounts.

Next, your group sells the cards at regular retail price, which can be redeemed whenever the customer chooses. You get to keep the difference, delicious pizzas get made, and we post all of the highlights on our social media outlets!

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Take and Bake pizza sales fundraising by Johnny's Pizza House

Peel-A-Deal Sales

We’ve taken the guesswork out of fundraising with our Peel-A-Deal card program. All you have to do is select a chairman from your organization to keep track of the numbers, determine your goal, and then purchase the corresponding amount of cards.

Each member of your group will be responsible for selling a set number — and the really sweet part is that everyone who purchases a card will receive a great Johnny’s discount when they peel away the coupon. Plus! Your group keeps a percentage of the card proceeds.

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Peel A Deal coupon book sales fundraising by Johnny's Pizza House