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Making & Reaching Goals

Sports & Charities

Sports in the Johnny’s family are about as constant as cheese melting onto golden crusts.

We love watching our communities rally together for a win both on and off the fields.

Sponsorships & Donations


We believe wholeheartedly in supporting our neighbors. That’s why we like to give back on every level we can, from local youth sports groups and school athletic programs to community-wide activities supporting families in need. You also might spot us donating door prizes at local fundraisers and contributing to regional non-profit organizations.

When we all come together to do good, magic happens. It’s our way of extending our warmest thank you back to the community that’s shared so much more than pizza slices with us over the years.

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Sports team sponsorships and school donations from Johnny's Pizza House

Sports Concessions

At Johnny’s Pizza House the only thing that we love as much as perfect pizza is a good sporting event. We’ve found a way to combine our two passions into one by making concession dreams come true.

First, order your pizza (at a fabulously reduced price.) Next, you sell Johnny’s Pizza at regular price from your concession stand. You can choose to sell either by the slice or the pie. Finally, you get to pocket the difference, check out pictures from your event on all of our social media channels and make your way into viral event history.

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Sports game concessions stand fundraising by Johnny's Pizza House