Dipping Sauces

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Perfect-For-Dunking Cheese Dipping Sauce
When it comes to cheese, we’re not playing around. And when it comes to your need to dip our savory selections in the meltiest cheese you can get your hands on, we’ve got you covered.
Pair our Perfect-For-Dunking Cheese Dipping Sauce with our warm breadsticks or our savory cheese sticks. Well, to be honest, it’s perfect with anything.

Pairs-With-Anything Pizza Dipping Sauce
We don’t mess around with our pizza sauce. It’s been perfected for nearly 50 years, and we know that you crave it on more than just our signature slices. From our Flips to our Shareables and well, really anything in between, our Pairs-With-Anything Pizza Dipping Sauce got its name for a reason.

Put-It-On-Everything Ranch Dipping Sauce
Zesty, creamy ranch. It’s the sauce that any pizza fiend knows is the exact kicker to kick your favorite slice up a flavorful notch.
Love ranch on cheese sticks? Obviously. Need to cool down your chicken wings? Of course. Our Put-It-On-Everything Ranch Dipping Sauce makes your order that much cooler.