Having the desire to open your own fast casual pizza franchise? That comes pretty easily.
Actually opening your own fast casual pizza franchise? Not quite as easy.
Though it can be overwhelming to consider everything it will take to open your own family pizza franchise, the Johnny’s Pizza House team is here to help make your dream a reality. When you invest in our pizza franchise opportunity, you’ll have our full support to get your business up and running.

Committing to an Established Family Pizza Franchise

Stress spot: Questions about how the process works
How Johnny’s helps: Answering questions thoroughly and with your benefit in mind

As you consider the hundreds of options for what franchise system you want to join, you’ll find that Johnny’s Pizza House sits on a solid foundation — a foundation that continues to grow. We’re celebrating our 50th anniversary of serving high quality pizza to the good people of Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas, and our franchise program gives you the chance to align yourself with this longevity in those states as well as Mississippi. After you decide Johnny’s is right for you, we’ll host a discovery day, which allows you to ask us any questions that are on your mind and allow us to resolve any lingering issues. Then, you’ll officially join the Johnny’s team of family pizza franchise owners.

Planning for Your Fast Casual Pizza Franchise

Stress spot: Making location decisions, managing multiple vendors at once
How Johnny’s helps: Help plan your space, offer a list of reliable vendors

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make in planning your fast casual pizza franchise involves finding the ideal location. Do you want to operate a freestanding restaurant or establish an in-line store? The Johnny’s franchise development team will help you find a location that can maximize your potential and figure out what space is right for you. Then we will assist you with your restaurant build out, selecting booths, lighting, flooring, décor — everything that goes into creating a comfortable and functional restaurant. We’ll also help by offering interior layout specifications and design suggestions and by providing a list of vendors with whom we partner to outfit our corporate-owned restaurants.

Learning to Run Your Fast Casual Pizza Franchise

Stress spot: Learning to run a pizzeria, dealing with business regulations
How Johnny’s helps: Extensive training program, ongoing support

Whatever level you’re at — first-time business owner or multi-unit restaurant developer — we’ll train you to run your restaurant the Johnny’s way. You’ll learn how to make our from-scratch pizza and serve it up perfectly to your hungry customers. Over our eight-week training course, we’ll also teach you everything you need to know to operate your pizza restaurant, from hiring and managing staff, to ordering and maintaining stock, to meeting health and legal requirements. After the eight-week training course concludes, don’t worry — the Johnny’s Pizza House operations team will continue to support you for the life of your franchise.

Opening Day of Your Fast Casual Pizza Business

All this hard work will lead you to the big day, when you experience the joy of opening your doors and inviting customers into your new fast casual pizza franchise. If you’re ready to get the dough ball rolling, contact us today to start the process.