It’s true — there are a lot of pizza franchise opportunities out there. Just like pizza, however, they’re not all created equal. Out among the crowd rises Johnny’s Pizza House, a classic neighborhood pizza place where you can set yourself apart from the competition with a piping hot pizza franchise opportunity.

A traditional pizza franchise opportunity

Johnny’s Pizza House boasts real longevity in the pizza restaurant industry. We have continued to serve the same great pizza with the same family attitude that was established by our founder Johnny Huntsman in 1967. He started with one tiny restaurant, making the same pizza his friends had come to love. Now Johnny’s Pizza House boasts 34 corporate locations and 11 franchise locations, with more to come.

We’ve been cooking great pies since before most people even knew what good pizza was. While other QSR franchise restaurants come and go, Johnny’s has the brand recognition, longevity and foundation of quality that will allow you to own your pizza restaurant franchise for the long haul.

A friendly pizza franchise opportunity

When you open your own Johnny’s Pizza House QSR franchise, you’ll be the owner of a community gathering place, a restaurant that feels like home with hospitable, friendly staff serving up hot, tasty pizza for a reasonable price. Johnny Huntsman considered his neighbors family, and our franchise owners continue his legacy by creating an environment focused on fun, family, friendship, goodwill and upbeat energy.

Everyone is welcome at Johnny’s fast casual pizza restaurant, a place where baseball teams gather after games, families reconnect during Sunday dinner and everyone can sit down and stay a while. All those full tables and happy customers will keep your pizza ovens busy!

A fresh pizza franchise opportunity

At Johnny’s, we only let the best ingredients reach our customers’ plates. You won’t work with any frozen dough at your Johnny’s QSR franchise pizza restaurant. Our restaurants use fresh dough made daily; fresh, high-quality sausage and hamburger; lots of fresh vegetables; 100% real mozzarella cheese and Johnny’s incomparable signature sauce.

“Quality” has never been a buzzword for us — it’s just what we do. Every pizza that comes out of our kitchen makes us swell with pride. The Johnny’s pizza franchise opportunity now gives you the chance to put your heart into every pizza you make.

Cook up a Johnny’s fast casual pizza franchise today!

Now that you know what sets Johnny’s apart from our competition, you’ve got to get in touch with us or call us at (318) 807-1358 to see how you can become part of the Johnny’s brand. We’ll see you at the table!