At Johnny’s Pizza House, we pride ourselves on cooking up delicious meals from scratch, using the freshest ingredients. But while we value this from-scratch attitude when it comes to our food, we know the same approach in business development comes with a lot of challenges. That’s why we offer pizza franchise opportunities with Johnny’s that includes everything investors will need to get their business up and running.

Starting your own pizza business is thrilling, challenging, rewarding and, at times, draining. But investing in a Johnny’s famous pizza franchise gives you the backing of a whole team of individuals dedicated to helping you reach your fullest potential. Here’s how launching a pizza franchise with Johnny’s stacks up against starting a pizza restaurant from scratch.

Align yourself with a 50-year-old famous pizza franchise

One of the toughest obstacles every new brand faces is gaining legitimacy within the marketplace. Especially in the highly competitive pizza restaurant industry, where big names tend to carry cache, it can be tough for start-up brands to find a foothold. For those willing to invest significant time and money into grassroots and formal marketing and advertising, building a brand can be a satisfying and productive experience. However, many find that the demands of building a new brand become too onerous while also trying to get their business up and running.

Johnny’s famous pizza franchise is currently celebrating our 50th anniversary in business, and our stellar reputation keeps spreading like sauce on crust. People know and love Johnny’s for our delicious cheesy pizzas, affordable lunch buffet, friendly service and comfortable restaurants. Aligning your future business with Johnny’s Pizza House allows you to benefit from this well-established brand with our pizza business plan.

Pizza franchise opportunities with delicious recipes

Some people are born to cook, and those chefs could have great success starting their own pizza restaurant. However, many investors are simply looking to open a business they feel will offer them great returns. While it may seem simple, it takes a tremendous amount of culinary and food pricing knowledge to develop a menu and create all the recipes featured on it. This research and development process can be lengthy and costly, and most investors don’t have the motivation or patience to complete it.

Those who take advantage of pizza franchise opportunities with Johnny’s benefit from our well-developed menu that’s been refined to meet the tastes and needs of our customers, while also providing an appropriate profit margin. Investors will also benefit from the national contract pricing we enjoy with our food vendors, who are already in place for owners of a Johnny’s pizza franchise.

We know exactly how to start a pizza franchise

Have you considered all aspects of what it takes to run a restaurant? If you’re considering how to start a pizza business, operations should be a top concern. From staffing to sanitation, cooking to cleaning, accounting to ordering, owning a restaurant involves having a diverse knowledge and set of skills. These can be learned through books and online courses, and other time-consuming and piecemeal approaches.

Johnny’s not only has these procedures developed, we have refined them over the course of five decades in business. We know what works and how to properly adjust to maximize the potential of your pizza buffet franchise. The Johnny’s famous pizza franchise comes with an extensive training program, along with ongoing support to help you for the life of your franchise.

See how much you can benefit from the Johnny’s pizza franchise opportunity, and we think you’ll see why it’s better than figuring out how to start a pizza restaurant on your own. Contact us to learn more about owning a pizza business with Johnny’s.