If you’ve been searching for pizza franchise opportunities, you’re discovering that running this type of multi-faceted operation requires knowledge, skills and plenty of patience and resolve. With the help of the Johnny’s Pizza House franchise team, you can learn how to start a pizza restaurant and feel confident on the first day you open the doors.

The process of learning how to start a pizza restaurant

Because of our long history in the pizza restaurant industry, we understand everything that goes into proper restaurant management. Investors in our famous pizza franchise will learn every aspect of running a Johnny’s Pizza House restaurant, from doing the dishes to making the pizzas to scheduling shifts and ordering inventory.

“We don’t assume anyone has any of the knowledge it takes to run a restaurant,” said Dennis Wills, Vice President of Operations within the Johnny’s Pizza House franchise program. “When you’re starting a business like this, you don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s why our training starts from scratch.”

It’s crucial that owners of a Johnny’s famous pizza franchise location understand and feel comfortable performing every aspect of operations. This intimate connection with the business allows owners to step in for any employee at any time; it positions them to analyze and improve systems; and it breeds trust and loyalty among employees who see the full investment of the owner — their leader.

Training modules for the Johnny’s Pizza franchise opportunity

Our training program is divided up into two parts that address motor skills and administrative tasks, respectively. We start with the physical functions that allow a restaurant to prepare, cook and serve food before moving on to the tasks that allow business operations to continue.

Physical, on-site training: Food preparation, recipes, cooking, food sanitation and safety, kitchen safety, cleaning, phones, ordering, table service, register, facility management

Administrative training: Hiring, scheduling, payroll, human resources, labor forecasting, accounting, inventory control, insurance and legal, licensing, rush management

Going through every single task that confronts Johnny’s Pizza House owners puts you in a confident position to open your business, knowing you can handle just about any situation in which you find yourself.

Get trained by people with longevity in a famous pizza franchise

A famous pizza franchise throughout Louisiana, Johnny’s Pizza House is celebrating its 50th year in business in 2017. The company has come a long way since our founder Johnny Huntsman opened the first tiny restaurant, which he called “the only link in the world’s smallest pizza chain.” Johnny’s has grown to 46 locations, and now we’re expanding our pizza franchise opportunity in Arkansas, southern Louisiana, Mississippi, and East Texas.

Find out more about the Johnny’s pizza franchise opportunity and learn how to start a pizza restaurant from the experts.