At Johnny’s Pizza House, we know one thing is true — people love pizza. We’ve been serving pizza to hungry customers for 50 years now, ever since our founder, Johnny Huntsman, started turning out pizzas in 1967 from his little shop in Louisiana.

As Johnny’s has grown to a fast casual pizza franchise with more than 40 corporate and franchise locations, one thing has never changed — people still love pizza, especially Johnny’s Pizza House pizza.

Why choose a pizza franchise opportunity?

A recent study confirms that pizza is still as popular as ever. However, as reported in Pizza Magazine, the world of pizza consumption is shifting. Most people eating pizza these days aren’t the same consumers of the past. The study from Smart Flour Foods found that 63% of pizza lovers are women, and more than 40% of that group are millennials. Pizza lovers are also health conscious, with 68% of them saying they exercise two or more times per week. And they’re young — 53% of pizza lovers are ages 25 to 44, and only 8% are 65 or older.

This younger, healthier customer base indicates that pizza has staying power. People view it as a tasty and responsible food choice, and people who take advantage of the Johnny’s pizza franchise opportunity can cash in on this continuing trend. When they bite into a deliciously cheesy Johnny’s pizza, piled high with fresh ingredients, these young pizza lovers will be your fast casual pizza franchise customers for life.

What is the state of fast casual pizza franchises?

While the Smart Flour Foods study showed that pizza is just as popular as ever, the Pizza Magazine article also shared some data that pulled back the curtain to show where people are buying pizza. Independent pizzerias are seeing less business, according to sales figures from CHD Expert. In 2015, independent pizza restaurants saw a 5% drop in sales, while chain pizzerias saw growth of almost 4%. With Johnny’s Pizza House, you have the opportunity to benefit from a franchise system with the longevity of the Johnny’s brand awareness.

Getting into the pizza industry on your own means it’s up to you to create a menu, atmosphere and brand that people enjoy and remember. Not only that, but you’re competing against some of the largest food franchise opportunities in the country. With a Johnny’s Pizza House fast casual pizza franchise, investors have a built-in, tested system of creating excellent food in a welcoming environment, with profit metrics that really work. A great pizza restaurant takes a lot of hard work, but Johnny’s can help you make it happen with its support, training, and a moderate pizza franchise cost.

Pizza franchise opportunity in a restaurant environment

Johnny’s Pizza House is more than a place to get tasty pizza, lunch buffets and salad bars. Our restaurants are comfortable places to have a family meal, a work lunch or a Saturday pizza party. According to the National Restaurant Association, the industry saw $709.2 billion in profits in 2015, an almost 4% increase from 2014.

The restaurant industry is strong; and while there are many food franchise opportunities available, Johnny’s combines the best of both worlds — a strong pizza franchise opportunity in a stable restaurant market.

Fast casual pizza franchise brings you full circle

If you’re looking for pizza franchise opportunities in Louisiana, franchise opportunities in East Texas, franchise opportunities in Arkansas, or franchise opportunities in Mississippi, contact Johnny’s Pizza House today to learn more about our tasty offering!

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