People invest in restaurants for a variety of reasons — maybe they love to cook or want to offer a gathering place for their community. And, serious investors still bank on franchise restaurants as a measured risk.

Avid investors often offer explanations about why they continue to invest in restaurant ventures. In a recent article, one referred to franchising a restaurant as a “niche investment, not a mainstream one, and that makes it a valuable investment option.” Another noted that, “for the first time, Americans spend more money on food outside the home than inside the home.” These observations offer insights into why investors continue to get fired up about this age-old investment option.

The franchise pizza restaurant opportunity with Johnny’s Pizza House provides a time-tested system of operations to support investors. Whether you own one restaurant or ink a multi-unit deal for a few pizza franchise restaurants, Johnny’s is ready with a franchise program that works.

Here’s why restaurants are a great investment.

Pizza franchise restaurants serve a basic human need

Today, more Americans than ever are relying on restaurants for regular meals, whether they’re dining out, ordering takeout or waiting excitedly for delivery. Of course, there are no guarantees in business, but if you work with a sound business model with the best pizza franchise to own — Johnny’s Pizza House — a restaurant has great growth potential.

Limited barriers to enter the fastest growing pizza franchise

There are limited barriers to enter the restaurant industry, especially when backed by a system like the Johnny’s Pizza House pizza franchise. Restaurants can find a home just about anywhere there are enough hungry customers. And, with no major players to truly dominate the industry, there’s a seat at the table for almost everyone.

Restaurants help support other industries

The restaurant industry is far-reaching, helping to support food growers, food manufacturers, food suppliers and materials manufacturers, and employing large numbers of individuals. Investors like owning a business that is so integrally tied to other sectors of the economy.

Owning a franchise pizza restaurant is fun and exciting

Your investments should excite you, and running a restaurant is nothing short of thrilling. The fast-paced daily energy is invigorating and can propel an investor into a new attitude. Johnny’s Pizza House restaurants are a great place for families and friends to come together and enjoy great service and great food.

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