Why Johnny’s?

We’re not just another pizza franchise business opportunity. Unlike others out there, our purpose is quite clear. Sure, delicious pizza and other food is a priority, but making an impact in our communities rings loudly within everyone throughout the Johnny’s family pizza franchise.

Sweep the Kitchen™ pizza at Johnny's Pizza House

Handmade, high-quality pizza, before it was cool

We live for pizza. Always have. And we live for making great pizza. To us that means using fresh ingredients, making our dough in house daily, and piling up the toppings. “Quality” was never a buzz word used in marketing, it was baked into who we are as a company. We were offering handcrafted pizza with the highest quality ingredients from day one. There isn’t a pizza that leaves our doors that doesn’t make us swell with pride.

Franchise Operations & Marketing Support

Lending a helping hand and making sure those who buy a pizza franchise know the pizza business like the back of their hands has been baked into our DNA as a company. From the dedicated employees inside to the wonderful people in our towns, each Johnny’s pizza franchise is built on a great network of support. When you join the Johnny’s family and buy a pizza franchise, you’re not doing it alone, you’ll always find someone here to help you every step of the way. We’re currently offering franchise business opportunities in Louisiana, East Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Johnny Huntzman of Johnny's Pizza House

Pillars of the Community

Johnny Huntsman built a reputation of a philanthropist and community pillar because he truly loved the people around him. It’s one of the most important parts of the Johnny’s Pizza House brand, and something that sets us apart from other pizza franchises out there. We love the community and the people in it. As a result we’re constantly innovating how we can make the world around us a bit better. With exciting fundraising event opportunities, and new ways of rebuilding our communities one brick at a time, Johnny’s isn’t just the place for amazing pizza, it’s a place that feels like family.