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Multiply Your Potential Growth Opportunity With a Pizza Buffet Franchise

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johnnys pizza house buffet

One of the most important decisions a restaurateur makes is whether to open business for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or a combination of those day parts. The pizza franchise opportunity from Johnny’s Pizza House offers investors multiple lines of revenue by offering dinner service while also accommodating guests for a brisk lunch.
Each Johnny’s Pizza House famous pizza franchise features a pizza buffet during lunchtime, along with our regular menu. By including this highly popular pizza buffet offering in most of our franchise locations, Johnny’s Pizza House allows investors to pursue growth during two distinct service times. This makes ours stand above most other pizza franchise opportunities.

Johnny’s pizza buffet franchise entices the lunch crowd

At Johnny’s, we’ve been operating pizza restaurants for 50 years, so we know how to start a pizza franchise that is poised for growth. What we’ve learned is our stores’ lunch buffets are important to their overall performance. By offering a lunch service—especially a buffet that’s fresh, tasty and fast—you capture a completely different customer base than with your dinnertime service.
The buffet is stocked with our delicious pizzas, topped with loads of different ingredients, along with our Flips, pasta, breadsticks, cinnamon sticks and other desserts, including our ooey, gooey, delicious peach puddin pie. We also offer an extensive salad bar, stocked with loads of fresh veggies.
Our restaurants see their greatest foot traffic during lunchtime—they really fill up! This midday burst in customer volume accounts for nearly 40% of total revenue for some of our restaurants, and overall, our restaurants garner an average of 28% of total revenue from lunch business.

A pizza franchise opportunity with multiple lines of revenue

The lunch crowd consists of local office workers, construction workers, people just passing through who need a quick bite to eat, and moms who come in with kids. Office workers are particularly loyal and will return for the consistent quality of food and service Johnny’s Pizza House offers for a reasonable price. Plus, presenting a convenient lunch option brings in customers who may return for dinner on another occasion.
Sure, being open for lunch comes with additional payroll costs, but the pizza buffet presents a minimal service staffing need as guests serve themselves. Also, the availability of the buffet means there will be fewer individual orders, requiring less kitchen labor.
In addition to the in-house pizza buffet, Johnny’s Pizza House also offers lunchtime delivery services. Midday deliveries often are requested by businesses, schools, churches and other organization that are placing larger, multi-person orders. Providing lunchtime delivery services offers another opportunity for revenue, and it also helps keep your Johnny’s famous pizza franchise connected to the community. Once these groups get a taste of Johnny’s, they’ll want to order from you for parties, fundraisers and for their own families on the weekends.

Own a famous pizza franchise with Johnny’s

Investors in the Johnny’s Pizza House pizza franchise opportunity benefit from our 50 years of knowing what customers want, what works and what doesn’t. We’re confident our pizza buffet franchise offering gives investors an edge, and we’d love to discuss it with you. Call us at (318) 807-1358 or contact us here and someone from our franchise development team will be in touch with you soon.

Friday Night Slice: Open a Famous Pizza Franchise in a Famous Texas Football Town

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Texas Pizza Franchise

When Americans love something, they typically don’t just love it a little, they love it a lot! And there are two things we know Americans have a strong affinity for — football and pizza. Longtime buddies, football and pizza have been enjoyed together for decades.
The Johnny’s Pizza House pizza franchise opportunity now gives investors a chance to combine the two with a family pizzeria in a Texas football town. Your Johnny’s restaurant could serve hungry players, families and fans before and after a night packed with pigskin. East Texas is one target market for our famous pizza franchise expansion, and we’re confident that a trip to Johnny’s will become as synonymous with a high school football game as tailgating and cheerleading.

Texas presents the perfect market for our famous pizza franchise

Our business was born and bred in Louisiana, so we happen to know that Southerners love our pizza. They appreciate our homemade quality, fresh ingredients and pizzas packed with toppings. So, it’s no stretch to say that Texans are sure to love Johnny’s Pizza House, too. According to the 2015 Pizza Power Report, the pizza industry netted more than $38 billion in 2014, and Johnny’s Pizza House made the list of the Top 50 Pizza Chains in the U.S. (by sales).
Texas has fewer pizzerias per capita on average than other states, so the market is open and ready for owners of pizza franchise opportunities to set up shop and get cooking. According to the Pizza Power Report, over the next 10 years Texas is expected to see the second-highest restaurant job growth in the nation, indicating the state is experiencing high restaurant demand. You can get in on this trend by opening your own Johnny’s, the best pizza franchise to own.

The Texas football culture fits perfectly with our pizza franchise opportunity

Texans take high school football to heart and residents don’t often miss the chance to pack the stands on game night. A list of the 10 biggest high school football stadiums in Texas proves this point. Some of these stadiums can accommodate as many as 20,000 fans — and they’re all going to be hungry after a day of tailgating and cheering on their favorite teams.
Johnny’s Pizza House has become a famous pizza franchise because of its amazing pizza, but also because our restaurants are comfortable places for community members to gather. We love hosting entire hungry teams, families before and after games, and friends celebrating victories. We’re proud to be an integral part of the communities we serve.

We’ll teach you how to start a pizza franchise in Texas

To get started on your journey toward a business touchdown, the Johnny’s Pizza House franchise development team offers you the training, support and guidance you’ll need to open one of our famous pizza franchise locations. It’s all part of what makes us the best pizza franchise to own. Find out more about our pizza franchise opportunity and start the process toward business ownership today!

Johnny’s Pizza House Teaches You How to Start a Pizza Restaurant

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Johnny's PIzza House Teaches You How To Start a Pizza Restaurant

If you’ve been searching for pizza franchise opportunities, you’re discovering that running this type of multi-faceted operation requires knowledge, skills and plenty of patience and resolve. With the help of the Johnny’s Pizza House franchise team, you can learn how to start a pizza restaurant and feel confident on the first day you open the doors.

The process of learning how to start a pizza restaurant

Because of our long history in the pizza restaurant industry, we understand everything that goes into proper restaurant management. Investors in our famous pizza franchise will learn every aspect of running a Johnny’s Pizza House restaurant, from doing the dishes to making the pizzas to scheduling shifts and ordering inventory.

“We don’t assume anyone has any of the knowledge it takes to run a restaurant,” said Dennis Wills, Vice President of Operations within the Johnny’s Pizza House franchise program. “When you’re starting a business like this, you don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s why our training starts from scratch.”

It’s crucial that owners of a Johnny’s famous pizza franchise location understand and feel comfortable performing every aspect of operations. This intimate connection with the business allows owners to step in for any employee at any time; it positions them to analyze and improve systems; and it breeds trust and loyalty among employees who see the full investment of the owner — their leader.

Training modules for the Johnny’s Pizza franchise opportunity

Our training program is divided up into two parts that address motor skills and administrative tasks, respectively. We start with the physical functions that allow a restaurant to prepare, cook and serve food before moving on to the tasks that allow business operations to continue.

Physical, on-site training: Food preparation, recipes, cooking, food sanitation and safety, kitchen safety, cleaning, phones, ordering, table service, register, facility management

Administrative training: Hiring, scheduling, payroll, human resources, labor forecasting, accounting, inventory control, insurance and legal, licensing, rush management

Going through every single task that confronts Johnny’s Pizza House owners puts you in a confident position to open your business, knowing you can handle just about any situation in which you find yourself.

Get trained by people with longevity in a famous pizza franchise

A famous pizza franchise throughout Louisiana, Johnny’s Pizza House is celebrating its 50th year in business in 2017. The company has come a long way since our founder Johnny Huntsman opened the first tiny restaurant, which he called “the only link in the world’s smallest pizza chain.” Johnny’s has grown to 46 locations, and now we’re expanding our pizza franchise opportunity in Arkansas, southern Louisiana, Mississippi, and East Texas.

Find out more about the Johnny’s pizza franchise opportunity and learn how to start a pizza restaurant from the experts.

Malley’s First Soccer Game

By Dustin Lincoln,

Four year old Malley played her first soccer game this past weekend at NELSA (North East Louisiana Soccer Association) in Monroe, La. Malley “knew Johnny’s made the best pizza, but she didn’t know they made soccer fields too.” Thank you @Roy Mac McCaskill for sharing and good luck Malley this soccer season! #JohnnysPH #community #JPHgivesback

Evaluating the Best Options for Pizza Franchise Opportunities

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At Johnny’s Pizza House, we know one thing is true — people love pizza. We’ve been serving pizza to hungry customers for 50 years now, ever since our founder, Johnny Huntsman, started turning out pizzas in 1967 from his little shop in Louisiana.

As Johnny’s has grown to a fast casual pizza franchise with more than 40 corporate and franchise locations, one thing has never changed — people still love pizza, especially Johnny’s Pizza House pizza.

Why choose a pizza franchise opportunity?

A recent study confirms that pizza is still as popular as ever. However, as reported in Pizza Magazine, the world of pizza consumption is shifting. Most people eating pizza these days aren’t the same consumers of the past. The study from Smart Flour Foods found that 63% of pizza lovers are women, and more than 40% of that group are millennials. Pizza lovers are also health conscious, with 68% of them saying they exercise two or more times per week. And they’re young — 53% of pizza lovers are ages 25 to 44, and only 8% are 65 or older.

This younger, healthier customer base indicates that pizza has staying power. People view it as a tasty and responsible food choice, and people who take advantage of the Johnny’s pizza franchise opportunity can cash in on this continuing trend. When they bite into a deliciously cheesy Johnny’s pizza, piled high with fresh ingredients, these young pizza lovers will be your fast casual pizza franchise customers for life.

What is the state of fast casual pizza franchises?

While the Smart Flour Foods study showed that pizza is just as popular as ever, the Pizza Magazine article also shared some data that pulled back the curtain to show where people are buying pizza. Independent pizzerias are seeing less business, according to sales figures from CHD Expert. In 2015, independent pizza restaurants saw a 5% drop in sales, while chain pizzerias saw growth of almost 4%. With Johnny’s Pizza House, you have the opportunity to benefit from a franchise system with the longevity of the Johnny’s brand awareness.

Getting into the pizza industry on your own means it’s up to you to create a menu, atmosphere and brand that people enjoy and remember. Not only that, but you’re competing against some of the largest food franchise opportunities in the country. With a Johnny’s Pizza House fast casual pizza franchise, investors have a built-in, tested system of creating excellent food in a welcoming environment, with profit metrics that really work. A great pizza restaurant takes a lot of hard work, but Johnny’s can help you make it happen with its support, training, and a moderate pizza franchise cost.

Pizza franchise opportunity in a restaurant environment

Johnny’s Pizza House is more than a place to get tasty pizza, lunch buffets and salad bars. Our restaurants are comfortable places to have a family meal, a work lunch or a Saturday pizza party. According to the National Restaurant Association, the industry saw $709.2 billion in profits in 2015, an almost 4% increase from 2014.

The restaurant industry is strong; and while there are many food franchise opportunities available, Johnny’s combines the best of both worlds — a strong pizza franchise opportunity in a stable restaurant market.

Fast casual pizza franchise brings you full circle

If you’re looking for pizza franchise opportunities in Louisiana, franchise opportunities in East Texas, franchise opportunities in Arkansas, or franchise opportunities in Mississippi, contact Johnny’s Pizza House today to learn more about our tasty offering!

When Josie Met Johnny

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We love seeing families spend quality time together at Johnny’s Pizza House! Thank you Samantha Harris for sharing this photo!

Add a Johnny’s Pizza House Family Pizza Franchise to Your Business Portfolio

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The Johnny’s Pizza House fast casual franchise opportunity provides experienced investors with a chance to augment their portfolio with a brand that boasts a half-century in business and a plateful of pizza awards. With a stable set of corporate locations and an up-and-running franchise operation, this family pizza franchise is perfect for business people who know a great deal when they see it.

If you’re someone with an established set of investments who wants to diversify, possibly with a franchise opportunity in Louisiana or surrounding states, consider these three reasons a Johnny’s fast casual pizza franchise fits the bill.

A fast casual franchise opportunity with an award-winning brand

Established by Johnny Huntsman in 1967, Johnny’s Pizza House is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and we’ve never been more proud of our company and what we’ve accomplished. Through our corporate locations and the investors who took advantage of our franchise opportunities in Louisiana and beyond, we have become known as a comfortable, affordable restaurant that serves delicious pizza. This sterling reputation earned us the distinction of being called one of the most beloved pizza brands in Louisiana and most recently brought us Best of the Delta awards for Best Pizza and Best Buffet. We believe seasoned investors value the kind of brand credibility and acclaim we’ve gained, and we’re anxious to broaden our reach and cement the legacy of our family pizza franchise with you.

Add a family pizza franchise to your group of investments

Whether or not you have other restaurants in your business portfolio, we’re confident you don’t have anything like what Johnny’s Pizza House is offering with its fast casual franchise opportunity. We serve up delicious pizza made with the freshest ingredients and maintain high-quality standards for all our menu items. Our comfortable restaurants become places where families connect and communities gather to celebrate. There’s just something special about a family pizza franchise that feels like home and brings back the pizza parlor feeling many of us remember from our childhood. This is the warm sentiment we hope to deliver with every slice of Johnny’s pizza, providing a family pizza franchise opportunity you can feel good about.

Bring new tastes to new places with franchise opportunities in Louisiana

When Johnny Huntsman first started making pizza pies out of his tiny restaurant, many of his neighbors had never eaten pizza before. The good word about his pizza spread, and soon he had Louisianans far and wide counting themselves among the legions of pizza lovers throughout the country. The Johnny’s Pizza House fast casual franchise opportunity in Louisiana has brought the authentic Johnny’s experience to new communities, and now we’re expanding even further with new location availability:

• Franchise opportunities in South Louisiana
• Franchise opportunities in East Texas
• Franchise opportunities in Arkansas
• Franchise opportunities in Mississippi

As an investor in a Johnny’s Pizza House fast casual pizza franchise, you can bring the taste of Johnny’s to new diners, ones who are desperate for better pizza options in their area.

Don’t pass up your chance at this rising fast casual franchise opportunity

If you’ve been looking for the right business to add to your existing portfolio, Johnny’s Pizza House family pizza franchise opportunity represents a solid investment based on longevity and brand awareness. Contact us today to start the process!

A Step-By-Step Guide to Opening Your Own Fast Casual Pizza Restaurant Franchise

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Barksdale AFB Storefront

Having the desire to open your own fast casual pizza franchise? That comes pretty easily.
Actually opening your own fast casual pizza franchise? Not quite as easy.
Though it can be overwhelming to consider everything it will take to open your own family pizza franchise, the Johnny’s Pizza House team is here to help make your dream a reality. When you invest in our pizza franchise opportunity, you’ll have our full support to get your business up and running.

Committing to an Established Family Pizza Franchise

Stress spot: Questions about how the process works
How Johnny’s helps: Answering questions thoroughly and with your benefit in mind

As you consider the hundreds of options for what franchise system you want to join, you’ll find that Johnny’s Pizza House sits on a solid foundation — a foundation that continues to grow. We’re celebrating our 50th anniversary of serving high quality pizza to the good people of Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas, and our franchise program gives you the chance to align yourself with this longevity in those states as well as Mississippi. After you decide Johnny’s is right for you, we’ll host a discovery day, which allows you to ask us any questions that are on your mind and allow us to resolve any lingering issues. Then, you’ll officially join the Johnny’s team of family pizza franchise owners.

Planning for Your Fast Casual Pizza Franchise

Stress spot: Making location decisions, managing multiple vendors at once
How Johnny’s helps: Help plan your space, offer a list of reliable vendors

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make in planning your fast casual pizza franchise involves finding the ideal location. Do you want to operate a freestanding restaurant or establish an in-line store? The Johnny’s franchise development team will help you find a location that can maximize your potential and figure out what space is right for you. Then we will assist you with your restaurant build out, selecting booths, lighting, flooring, décor — everything that goes into creating a comfortable and functional restaurant. We’ll also help by offering interior layout specifications and design suggestions and by providing a list of vendors with whom we partner to outfit our corporate-owned restaurants.

Learning to Run Your Fast Casual Pizza Franchise

Stress spot: Learning to run a pizzeria, dealing with business regulations
How Johnny’s helps: Extensive training program, ongoing support

Whatever level you’re at — first-time business owner or multi-unit restaurant developer — we’ll train you to run your restaurant the Johnny’s way. You’ll learn how to make our from-scratch pizza and serve it up perfectly to your hungry customers. Over our eight-week training course, we’ll also teach you everything you need to know to operate your pizza restaurant, from hiring and managing staff, to ordering and maintaining stock, to meeting health and legal requirements. After the eight-week training course concludes, don’t worry — the Johnny’s Pizza House operations team will continue to support you for the life of your franchise.

Opening Day of Your Fast Casual Pizza Business

All this hard work will lead you to the big day, when you experience the joy of opening your doors and inviting customers into your new fast casual pizza franchise. If you’re ready to get the dough ball rolling, contact us today to start the process.