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5 Reasons to Diversify Your Investment Portfolio with a Restaurant

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People invest in restaurants for a variety of reasons — maybe they love to cook or want to offer a gathering place for their community. And, serious investors still bank on franchise restaurants as a measured risk.

Avid investors often offer explanations about why they continue to invest in restaurant ventures. In a recent article, one referred to franchising a restaurant as a “niche investment, not a mainstream one, and that makes it a valuable investment option.” Another noted that, “for the first time, Americans spend more money on food outside the home than inside the home.” These observations offer insights into why investors continue to get fired up about this age-old investment option.

The franchise pizza restaurant opportunity with Johnny’s Pizza House provides a time-tested system of operations to support investors. Whether you own one restaurant or ink a multi-unit deal for a few pizza franchise restaurants, Johnny’s is ready with a franchise program that works.

Here’s why restaurants are a great investment.

Pizza franchise restaurants serve a basic human need

Today, more Americans than ever are relying on restaurants for regular meals, whether they’re dining out, ordering takeout or waiting excitedly for delivery. Of course, there are no guarantees in business, but if you work with a sound business model with the best pizza franchise to own — Johnny’s Pizza House — a restaurant has great growth potential.

Limited barriers to enter the fastest growing pizza franchise

There are limited barriers to enter the restaurant industry, especially when backed by a system like the Johnny’s Pizza House pizza franchise. Restaurants can find a home just about anywhere there are enough hungry customers. And, with no major players to truly dominate the industry, there’s a seat at the table for almost everyone.

Restaurants help support other industries

The restaurant industry is far-reaching, helping to support food growers, food manufacturers, food suppliers and materials manufacturers, and employing large numbers of individuals. Investors like owning a business that is so integrally tied to other sectors of the economy.

Owning a franchise pizza restaurant is fun and exciting

Your investments should excite you, and running a restaurant is nothing short of thrilling. The fast-paced daily energy is invigorating and can propel an investor into a new attitude. Johnny’s Pizza House restaurants are a great place for families and friends to come together and enjoy great service and great food.

Consider franchising with Johnny’s Pizza House as a way to expand and diversify your portfolio. Send us a message or call us at (318) 807-1358 to get started.

Circle of Love: Top Pizza Franchises are Devoted to the Pie

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Cheese, pepperoni and sausage — oh my! Everyone loves pizza, but do you realize the full scope of just how adored pizza is in the United States? While you may think that you have a solid grasp on that concept, you probably haven’t seen the numbers behind it. Keep reading for a full run-down on pizza consumption in the United States.

At home and at pizza franchise restaurants: How often do people eat pizza?

Statistics show that 93% of Americans eat at least one slice of pizza per month. People probably eat more than that, though, according to Packaged Facts, which estimates that the average American eats 46 slices of pizza per year. That equates to almost four pieces per month and 23 pounds of pizza eaten by each American on a yearly basis.

These statistics surely show how much U.S. citizens love their pizza pies, and Johnny’s Pizza House is the brand that brought cheesy love to Louisiana with its pizza franchise opportunities. Now we’re expanding our franchise system to Arkansas, Mississippi, and East Texas, bringing our delicious pizza, peach puddin’ pie, and more to communities in these locations.

How many pizzas are sold each year at pizza buffet franchises and elsewhere?

You could hazard a guess at this based on the previous statistics, but your answer probably won’t come close to the true number. According to the National Association of Pizza Operators, 3 billion pizzas are sold in the country each year. That’s a lot of pizza pies! To add to that, 36% of pizzas eaten in the USA have pepperoni as a topping on them, and Americans eat 251.7 million pounds of pepperoni each year.

At Johnny’s Pizza House, we sell customers pizza via dine-in, carryout, delivery and at our pizza buffet. An extremely popular aspect of our locations, the lunch buffet also offers pastas, cheese sticks, breadsticks, turnovers, fresh salads, dessert and more! The variety of our offerings makes Johnny’s one of the best pizza franchises to own.

How much money is spent on pizza each year?

Pizza is lots of fun, but it’s also big business, especially for pizza franchises. Americans spend a huge amount of money each year on pizza— $32 billion, according to Pizza Today. That is one whopping chunk of mozzarella!

Whether Johnny’s Pizza House guests choose traditional toppings, a specialty pizza or even a loaded-up one like the Sweep the Kitchen pizza, they love pizza just as much as the rest of the country.

This obsession seems to be here to stay, so we totally understand if you want to get in on the action! To get a piece of the pie, call 318-807-1358 or send us a message, and we’ll be in touch to tell you all about becoming a Johnny’s Pizza House franchisee.

Join the Legacy at Johnny’s Pizza House Famous Pizza Franchise

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johnny Huntsman legacy
At Johnny’s Pizza House, we can’t believe how fast 50 years have flown by. Our founder Johnny Huntsman learned how to start a pizza restaurant when he opened the first Johnny’s Pizza House a half-century ago in Monroe, Louisiana. At the time, he couldn’t have dreamed that his “only link in the world’s smallest pizza chain” would extend to nearly 50 restaurants across three states.

On June 28, 2017, Huntsman — known affectionately as Mr. Johnny — passed away from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. He was a remarkable man who was endlessly devoted to his company, his employees and to bringing joy to everyone he encountered.

While Mr. Johnny never imagined just how much his business would grow, his employees could tell you the reasons why Johnny’s Pizza House was built to last. An employee-centered company culture makes Johnny’s a great place to work and contributes to a solid pizza franchise opportunity. We’re the same Johnny’s Pizza House we were 50 years ago. We’re still serving our original delicious pizza. And many of our employees have been with us for decades!

Start a famous pizza franchise with employee longevity

There’s something about a company that keeps people working. According to Dennis Wills, vice president of operations for Johnny’s Pizza House, many of the company’s employees have been there for a decade or longer. Of Johnny’s restaurant managers, the average tenure is about 15 years, Wills says.

Wills himself has worked for Johnny’s Pizza House for 37 years.

“Mr. Johnny has always had a passion for people, and that’s what has made our company a great place to work,” Wills says.

Johnny’s Pizza House has become a famous pizza franchise because of high-quality, fresh and delicious food and our popular lunch pizza buffet. Behind it all is a group of employees who really love working at Johnny’s. This company culture benefits those who take advantage of our pizza franchise opportunity.

An employee-owned model exemplifies our company culture

The best companies reward their employees for hard work and dedication, and those are characteristics we value in our staff. In 2000, Mr. Johnny made the decision to transition Johnny’s Pizza House to an employee-owned company. This employee stock ownership plan allows Johnny’s Pizza House corporate employees 18 and older to receive benefits in the form of company stock after they’ve worked with the company for three years.

Although this plan is not available to staff at franchise-owned locations, we believe it shows our dedication to our employees, and thereby exemplifies the commitment we have to our famous pizza franchise owners as members of the Johnny’s Pizza House inner circle. We encourage investors in our pizza franchise opportunity to support their employees through bonus programs.

Join the Johnny’s Pizza House legacy with your own famous pizza franchise

For those who invest with Johnny’s Pizza House pizza franchise opportunity, we’ll teach you how to start a pizza restaurant and give back to the community by creating meaningful employment opportunities.

Start a conversation with us about investing in a Johnny’s Pizza House famous pizza franchise! Call us at (318) 807-1358 or send us a message — we’ll share a slice soon!

Johnny’s Pizza House Offers Multiple Service Lines With Its Pizza Franchise Opportunity

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Every day brings something new to owners of a Johnny’s Pizza House famous pizza franchise. As they unlock the doors each morning, they don’t know which customers will walk through the door or exactly what the day will hold. They do know one thing — they’ll offer just about every option possible to get Johnny’s Pizza House’s cheesy, loaded-up pizzas, crispy salads and delicious desserts from their kitchen into guests’ hands.

Investors in a Johnny’s Pizza House pizza franchise opportunity take advantage of three distinct service lines to engage with guests: dine-in, carry-out and delivery. Each of these offerings presents some distinct benefits, and those who open a famous pizza franchise with Johnny’s Pizza House find out how to start a pizza restaurant that combines all three.

Our famous pizza franchise experience starts with a friendly dining room

Johnny’s Pizza House values each part of its business, but our dining rooms are the heart of our famous pizza franchises. Friendly staff members welcome families, teams, clubs, colleagues and more to slide into a booth and grab a slice. Investing in a pizza franchise opportunity with Johnny’s Pizza House means owning a restaurant that acts as a community hangout.

According to a recent survey, 66% of diners say mealtime is a valuable time to connect with family and friends, and Johnny’s Pizza House famous pizza franchise is the perfect place to do just that. Adults love the food quality, great prices and a chance to gather in a comfortable restaurant. And everyone loves the pizza!

A comfortable dining room encourages guests to stay and increase their ticket with appetizer, dessert and drink purchases. Johnny’s Pizza House famous pizza franchise owners also see business growth by accommodating large groups, fundraisers and parties, and hosting events also encourages word-of-mouth marketing. Our highly popular lunchtime pizza buffet rounds out our dining room offering.

How to start a pizza restaurant with a strong carryout business

Having a convenient carryout service benefits your pizza franchise business, and it’s nearly a necessity given the habits of modern restaurant guests. Americans spend 35% of their household food budgets on restaurant meals, and 70% of people who purchased restaurant food ordered carryout meals within three months of the survey by Acosta, a consumer research company.

With no seating to worry about, volume is the name of the game with carryout dining. Turnover is slower in the dining room, where there is limited seating that must be cleaned and reset for each guest. The carryout counters at Johnny’s Pizza House famous pizza franchise locations offer a convenient place for guests to pick up a quick weeknight dinner or a weekend family feast. Johnny’s restaurants even provide guests a drive-through window, giving them added convenience and offering even more efficiency for the owner and staff. A carryout business is a must for any pizza franchise opportunity.

Delivery rounds out our pizza franchise opportunity

Johnny’s Pizza House prides itself on top-notch guest service, and we extend it right to their doors! Guests can order a delicious lunch or dinner from Johnny’s for one person, a family or a crowd, and have it delivered right on time. Online ordering from our website allows franchise owners to benefit from this extremely popular service.

Pizza is popular among all age groups, but we know that Millennials and Generation Xers are an important guest population for us. According to the Acosta survey, members of the Millennial and Gen X generations spend 56% of their food service dollars via carryout and delivery. Johnny’s Pizza House delivery service is convenient, reliable and friendly.

Invest in a well rounded pizza franchise opportunity with Johnny’s Pizza House

Don’t miss the chance to take advantage of a famous pizza franchise with three lines of revenue! Call us at (318) 807-1358 or send us a message to start the conversation about how to start a pizza restaurant.

Our Pizza Franchise Opportunity Cares About the Community

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When people think of Johnny’s Pizza House, they think of our hot and cheesy pizzas, our affordable lunch buffet and the friendly service that brings them back time after time. Besides the delicious food, affordability and fun atmosphere, we’re a famous pizza franchise for many other reasons.

Since Johnny Huntsman opened the first Johnny’s Pizza House 50 years ago, Johnny’s has evolved into a recognizable member of each community we serve through our outreach efforts and reputation as a community restaurant.

Now, investors wondering how to start a pizza restaurant that’s got something special to offer are turning their attention to Johnny’s. Sure, our pizza delivers on delicious taste, but we’re proud to be a company that cares for its community and loves to celebrate with its neighbors.

How to start a pizza restaurant everyone loves

Every day, Johnny’s Pizza House famous pizza franchise locations serve families, couples, friends, co-workers, sports teams, church groups, civic organizations and more of our neighbors looking for a comfortable restaurant where they can sit together, share some food and enjoy a break from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Our Johnny’s restaurants also represent the brand and their pizza franchise location at community events, festivals and more. This helps us connect with current Johnny’s Pizza House fans and to reach out to new customers, as well. In our opinion, if you’re figuring out how to start a pizza restaurant, you have to make sure you’re making a positive impact on the local community.

A pizza franchise that cares for the community

The owners of Johnny’s Pizza House famous pizza franchise locations commit to upholding the standards of community involvement that we’ve established over our five decades in business. Joining our pizza franchise opportunity means your Johnny’s location will be a home for community fundraisers and will be active in supporting neighborhood efforts.

We offer customers many different kinds of fundraisers, including:

    • Pig Out Nights
    • Friends & Family Nights
    • Car Wash Days
    • Take & Bake Sales
    • Sports Concessions
    • Peel-A-Deal Sales

Our stores sponsor sports teams and offer donations to fundraising events and other worthy causes.

A pizza franchise that offers for quality food at a great price

At Johnny’s, it’s our mission to serve up high-quality, carefully prepared dishes for a price that lets families go out for a restaurant meal together. We have a number of affordable options among our pizza and Flips menu, and our lunch buffet can’t be beat in terms of quality and affordability.

For the health conscious, Johnny’s offers nutritional information for our entire menu right on our website in a printable PDF. It includes detailed information on every slice of pizza and salad bar ingredient we serve. We’re proud of the food on our menu, and we want investors in our pizza franchise opportunity to feel the same way.

Johnny’s pizza franchise opportunity takes your interest to heart

If you want to learn more about how you can positively impact your community — and your bottom line — with a Johnny’s famous pizza franchise opportunity, contact us today to get started!

Johnny’s Buffet for Easter Sunday

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These lucky guys were first in line for the buffet at one of our Johnny’s Pizza Houses on Easter Sunday! Hope y’all enjoyed your pizza and had a Happy Easter! Image via Cole Farr

Joining A Famous Pizza Franchise vs. Starting From Scratch: Which is Right for You?

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At Johnny’s Pizza House, we pride ourselves on cooking up delicious meals from scratch, using the freshest ingredients. But while we value this from-scratch attitude when it comes to our food, we know the same approach in business development comes with a lot of challenges. That’s why we offer pizza franchise opportunities with Johnny’s that includes everything investors will need to get their business up and running.

Starting your own pizza business is thrilling, challenging, rewarding and, at times, draining. But investing in a Johnny’s famous pizza franchise gives you the backing of a whole team of individuals dedicated to helping you reach your fullest potential. Here’s how launching a pizza franchise with Johnny’s stacks up against starting a pizza restaurant from scratch.

Align yourself with a 50-year-old famous pizza franchise

One of the toughest obstacles every new brand faces is gaining legitimacy within the marketplace. Especially in the highly competitive pizza restaurant industry, where big names tend to carry cache, it can be tough for start-up brands to find a foothold. For those willing to invest significant time and money into grassroots and formal marketing and advertising, building a brand can be a satisfying and productive experience. However, many find that the demands of building a new brand become too onerous while also trying to get their business up and running.

Johnny’s famous pizza franchise is currently celebrating our 50th anniversary in business, and our stellar reputation keeps spreading like sauce on crust. People know and love Johnny’s for our delicious cheesy pizzas, affordable lunch buffet, friendly service and comfortable restaurants. Aligning your future business with Johnny’s Pizza House allows you to benefit from this well-established brand with our pizza business plan.

Pizza franchise opportunities with delicious recipes

Some people are born to cook, and those chefs could have great success starting their own pizza restaurant. However, many investors are simply looking to open a business they feel will offer them great returns. While it may seem simple, it takes a tremendous amount of culinary and food pricing knowledge to develop a menu and create all the recipes featured on it. This research and development process can be lengthy and costly, and most investors don’t have the motivation or patience to complete it.

Those who take advantage of pizza franchise opportunities with Johnny’s benefit from our well-developed menu that’s been refined to meet the tastes and needs of our customers, while also providing an appropriate profit margin. Investors will also benefit from the national contract pricing we enjoy with our food vendors, who are already in place for owners of a Johnny’s pizza franchise.

We know exactly how to start a pizza franchise

Have you considered all aspects of what it takes to run a restaurant? If you’re considering how to start a pizza business, operations should be a top concern. From staffing to sanitation, cooking to cleaning, accounting to ordering, owning a restaurant involves having a diverse knowledge and set of skills. These can be learned through books and online courses, and other time-consuming and piecemeal approaches.

Johnny’s not only has these procedures developed, we have refined them over the course of five decades in business. We know what works and how to properly adjust to maximize the potential of your pizza buffet franchise. The Johnny’s famous pizza franchise comes with an extensive training program, along with ongoing support to help you for the life of your franchise.

See how much you can benefit from the Johnny’s pizza franchise opportunity, and we think you’ll see why it’s better than figuring out how to start a pizza restaurant on your own. Contact us to learn more about owning a pizza business with Johnny’s.