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Our Pizza Franchise Opportunity Cares About the Community

By Dustin Lincoln,

When people think of Johnny’s Pizza House, they think of our hot and cheesy pizzas, our affordable lunch buffet and the friendly service that brings them back time after time. Besides the delicious food, affordability and fun atmosphere, we’re a famous pizza franchise for many other reasons.

Since Johnny Huntsman opened the first Johnny’s Pizza House 50 years ago, Johnny’s has evolved into a recognizable member of each community we serve through our outreach efforts and reputation as a community restaurant.

Now, investors wondering how to start a pizza restaurant that’s got something special to offer are turning their attention to Johnny’s. Sure, our pizza delivers on delicious taste, but we’re proud to be a company that cares for its community and loves to celebrate with its neighbors.

How to start a pizza restaurant everyone loves

Every day, Johnny’s Pizza House famous pizza franchise locations serve families, couples, friends, co-workers, sports teams, church groups, civic organizations and more of our neighbors looking for a comfortable restaurant where they can sit together, share some food and enjoy a break from the everyday hustle and bustle.

Our Johnny’s restaurants also represent the brand and their pizza franchise location at community events, festivals and more. This helps us connect with current Johnny’s Pizza House fans and to reach out to new customers, as well. In our opinion, if you’re figuring out how to start a pizza restaurant, you have to make sure you’re making a positive impact on the local community.

A pizza franchise that cares for the community

The owners of Johnny’s Pizza House famous pizza franchise locations commit to upholding the standards of community involvement that we’ve established over our five decades in business. Joining our pizza franchise opportunity means your Johnny’s location will be a home for community fundraisers and will be active in supporting neighborhood efforts.

We offer customers many different kinds of fundraisers, including:

    • Pig Out Nights
    • Friends & Family Nights
    • Car Wash Days
    • Take & Bake Sales
    • Sports Concessions
    • Peel-A-Deal Sales

Our stores sponsor sports teams and offer donations to fundraising events and other worthy causes.

A pizza franchise that offers for quality food at a great price

At Johnny’s, it’s our mission to serve up high-quality, carefully prepared dishes for a price that lets families go out for a restaurant meal together. We have a number of affordable options among our pizza and Flips menu, and our lunch buffet can’t be beat in terms of quality and affordability.

For the health conscious, Johnny’s offers nutritional information for our entire menu right on our website in a printable PDF. It includes detailed information on every slice of pizza and salad bar ingredient we serve. We’re proud of the food on our menu, and we want investors in our pizza franchise opportunity to feel the same way.

Johnny’s pizza franchise opportunity takes your interest to heart

If you want to learn more about how you can positively impact your community — and your bottom line — with a Johnny’s famous pizza franchise opportunity, contact us today to get started!

Johnny’s Buffet for Easter Sunday

By Dustin Lincoln,

These lucky guys were first in line for the buffet at one of our Johnny’s Pizza Houses on Easter Sunday! Hope y’all enjoyed your pizza and had a Happy Easter! Image via Cole Farr

Friday Night Slice: Open a Famous Pizza Franchise in a Famous Texas Football Town

By Dustin Lincoln,

Texas Pizza Franchise

When Americans love something, they typically don’t just love it a little, they love it a lot! And there are two things we know Americans have a strong affinity for — football and pizza. Longtime buddies, football and pizza have been enjoyed together for decades.
The Johnny’s Pizza House pizza franchise opportunity now gives investors a chance to combine the two with a family pizzeria in a Texas football town. Your Johnny’s restaurant could serve hungry players, families and fans before and after a night packed with pigskin. East Texas is one target market for our famous pizza franchise expansion, and we’re confident that a trip to Johnny’s will become as synonymous with a high school football game as tailgating and cheerleading.

Texas presents the perfect market for our famous pizza franchise

Our business was born and bred in Louisiana, so we happen to know that Southerners love our pizza. They appreciate our homemade quality, fresh ingredients and pizzas packed with toppings. So, it’s no stretch to say that Texans are sure to love Johnny’s Pizza House, too. According to the 2015 Pizza Power Report, the pizza industry netted more than $38 billion in 2014, and Johnny’s Pizza House made the list of the Top 50 Pizza Chains in the U.S. (by sales).
Texas has fewer pizzerias per capita on average than other states, so the market is open and ready for owners of pizza franchise opportunities to set up shop and get cooking. According to the Pizza Power Report, over the next 10 years Texas is expected to see the second-highest restaurant job growth in the nation, indicating the state is experiencing high restaurant demand. You can get in on this trend by opening your own Johnny’s, the best pizza franchise to own.

The Texas football culture fits perfectly with our pizza franchise opportunity

Texans take high school football to heart and residents don’t often miss the chance to pack the stands on game night. A list of the 10 biggest high school football stadiums in Texas proves this point. Some of these stadiums can accommodate as many as 20,000 fans — and they’re all going to be hungry after a day of tailgating and cheering on their favorite teams.
Johnny’s Pizza House has become a famous pizza franchise because of its amazing pizza, but also because our restaurants are comfortable places for community members to gather. We love hosting entire hungry teams, families before and after games, and friends celebrating victories. We’re proud to be an integral part of the communities we serve.

We’ll teach you how to start a pizza franchise in Texas

To get started on your journey toward a business touchdown, the Johnny’s Pizza House franchise development team offers you the training, support and guidance you’ll need to open one of our famous pizza franchise locations. It’s all part of what makes us the best pizza franchise to own. Find out more about our pizza franchise opportunity and start the process toward business ownership today!

Johnny’s Pizza House Teaches You How to Start a Pizza Restaurant

By Dustin Lincoln,

Johnny's PIzza House Teaches You How To Start a Pizza Restaurant

If you’ve been searching for pizza franchise opportunities, you’re discovering that running this type of multi-faceted operation requires knowledge, skills and plenty of patience and resolve. With the help of the Johnny’s Pizza House franchise team, you can learn how to start a pizza restaurant and feel confident on the first day you open the doors.

The process of learning how to start a pizza restaurant

Because of our long history in the pizza restaurant industry, we understand everything that goes into proper restaurant management. Investors in our famous pizza franchise will learn every aspect of running a Johnny’s Pizza House restaurant, from doing the dishes to making the pizzas to scheduling shifts and ordering inventory.

“We don’t assume anyone has any of the knowledge it takes to run a restaurant,” said Dennis Wills, Vice President of Operations within the Johnny’s Pizza House franchise program. “When you’re starting a business like this, you don’t know what you don’t know, and that’s why our training starts from scratch.”

It’s crucial that owners of a Johnny’s famous pizza franchise location understand and feel comfortable performing every aspect of operations. This intimate connection with the business allows owners to step in for any employee at any time; it positions them to analyze and improve systems; and it breeds trust and loyalty among employees who see the full investment of the owner — their leader.

Training modules for the Johnny’s Pizza franchise opportunity

Our training program is divided up into two parts that address motor skills and administrative tasks, respectively. We start with the physical functions that allow a restaurant to prepare, cook and serve food before moving on to the tasks that allow business operations to continue.

Physical, on-site training: Food preparation, recipes, cooking, food sanitation and safety, kitchen safety, cleaning, phones, ordering, table service, register, facility management

Administrative training: Hiring, scheduling, payroll, human resources, labor forecasting, accounting, inventory control, insurance and legal, licensing, rush management

Going through every single task that confronts Johnny’s Pizza House owners puts you in a confident position to open your business, knowing you can handle just about any situation in which you find yourself.

Get trained by people with longevity in a famous pizza franchise

A famous pizza franchise throughout Louisiana, Johnny’s Pizza House is celebrating its 50th year in business in 2017. The company has come a long way since our founder Johnny Huntsman opened the first tiny restaurant, which he called “the only link in the world’s smallest pizza chain.” Johnny’s has grown to 46 locations, and now we’re expanding our pizza franchise opportunity in Arkansas, southern Louisiana, Mississippi, and East Texas.

Find out more about the Johnny’s pizza franchise opportunity and learn how to start a pizza restaurant from the experts.

Malley’s First Soccer Game

By Dustin Lincoln,

Four year old Malley played her first soccer game this past weekend at NELSA (North East Louisiana Soccer Association) in Monroe, La. Malley “knew Johnny’s made the best pizza, but she didn’t know they made soccer fields too.” Thank you @Roy Mac McCaskill for sharing and good luck Malley this soccer season! #JohnnysPH #community #JPHgivesback

When Josie Met Johnny

By Dustin Lincoln,


We love seeing families spend quality time together at Johnny’s Pizza House! Thank you Samantha Harris for sharing this photo!