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Three Reasons To Choose To Franchise Johnny’s Pizza House

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If you’re looking for a franchising opportunity in the restaurant industry, but aren’t sure where to start, it’s time to consider franchising with Johnny’s Pizza House. The pizza market is worth $44 billion in the U.S. alone, and most people are always ready for pizza! Johnny’s Pizza House is for individuals looking to capitalize on the thriving pizza market through strong corporate support, assistance, and hard work.

1. A Trusted Brand Built with Quality Ingredients

The Johnny’s Pizza House brand has grown from a single restaurant to one of the top 100 grossing pizza companies worldwide. Our pizza is a Southern tradition because we’re committed to fresh ingredients, quality taste, and creating a memorable restaurant experience. Having been in business for more than 50 years, Johnny’s Pizza House has excellent brand awareness, and our continued growth is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication.

2. Individualized Support for Your Pizza Franchise

The team at Johnny’s Pizza House offers support in every way when franchising, from determining a proper location to learning to train your team to assisting in marketing services. Our experts aid with every step of the process. With our personal commitment to excellence, we’re able to offer individualized service to entrepreneurs looking for pizza restaurant franchises. Partnering with Johnny’s Pizza House means service for you, when you need it — you’re not just a number in our pizza franchise system.

3. A Pizza Restaurant Business Focused on the Community

If you’re a business owner who is concerned with more than just the bottom line, Johnny’s Pizza House is right there with you. Our brand is dedicated to being a positive voice in the community. Between fundraising events and being active in our communities, Johnny’s is committed to building a family restaurant atmosphere as well as business. Our work has paid off by empowering communities and build a brand that is known for its emphasis on family.

Partner with Johnny’s Pizza House

Franchising with Johnny’s Pizza House provides an opportunity to work with a pizza restaurant franchise system that understands what it takes to thrive in business. If you’re interested in learning more about franchising opportunities, contact Johnny’s Pizza House today.

Now That is a Drill Done Right!

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Drill done right

Drill done right

Now that is a drill done right! Thanks for choosing Johnny’s Pizza House! Image via @1023rd_frg #JohnnysPH #JPHWorthsharing #DrillWeekend

Race for the Cure Walk

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Race for Cure Walk

Race for Cure Walk

The Johnny’s team was at it again this past weekend.

#raceforthe cure Bossier City. We love our community and supporting a great cause.

Increase Pizza Sales With Our Pizza Lunch Buffet Franchise

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pizza buffet lunch at johnnys pizza franchise

A key component of owning any successful pizza business is figuring out the different ways that you can increase your customer base in order to drive both sales and buzz around your brand. For Johnny’s Pizza House franchisees, there is ample opportunity to attract a consistent crowd of regulars and newcomers with our pizza marketing strategies.

One of those opportunities comes during the lunch daypart, particularly popular at Johnny’s Pizza House due to our outstanding lunch buffet. By strategizing their marketing efforts and taking advantage of their status as a casual restaurant, Johnny’s Pizza House famous pizza franchise owners will be sure to attract a lunch daypart crowd that boosts business. Here are a few reasons why Johnny’s Pizza House’s daypart lunch buffet is sure to satisfy investors:

Americans like to buy lunch

Lunchtime dining is a significant portion of the restaurant industry in America. Forbes reports that Americans go out for lunch, on average, twice a week, spending approximately $10 each outing, equating to an average annual spending of nearly $1,000 per person on lunches.

One smart pizza marketing strategy for Johnny’s Pizza House franchise owners is to advertise to local office parks, schools, big-box stores and other large businesses. Lunchtime sees co-workers connecting, associates meeting and large groups convening to talk business over a good meal. Johnny’s even delivers at lunchtime, allowing our pizza franchise owners to increase pizza sales by providing large volume orders for organized group lunches. Once these guests get a taste of Johnny’s, it’ll become their go-to lunch spot.

Buffet lunches are quick and easy to increase pizza sales

Lunch guests are often on a tight schedule, taking a quick break to eat before returning to the office or job site. For this reason, they can’t afford to wait for traditional dining service. Instead, they want something that’s quick and easy to enjoy, but they’re not willing to sacrifice taste for convenience. Oh, and the lunch must be affordable, too! With a famous pizza franchise like Johnny’s Pizza House, investors can offer a delicious lunch buffet that meets the needs of this fast-paced group to increase pizza sales.

A casual atmosphere perfect for today’s guests

Casual dining is a rapidly growing industry in America, hovering between fast food and sit-down restaurants. Fox Business reports that there are more than 20,000 fast-casual restaurants in America, and the average individual ticket is $12, which is more than double the average check at a fast food restaurant.

More business guests are choosing casual lunch spots, avoiding the formal atmosphere and price tag of traditional sit-down restaurants. By harnessing the lucrative power of Johnny’s Pizza House’s casual lunch experience, franchisees can look forward to great growth potential and a customer base that keeps coming back to your successful pizza business with Johnny’s.

Johnny’s Pizza House is the best pizza franchise to own

With a strong lunch daypart business, along with dinner, carry-out and delivery, the Johnny’s Pizza House franchise opportunity is your chance to find potential in many lines of revenue. If you’re ready to take the next step toward investing in the Johnny’s famous pizza franchise send us a message to start the process. You can also call us at (318) 807-1358.

3 Keys to Starting a Growth-Oriented Pizza Restaurant

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Success business improve successful growth strategy

Prospective restaurant owners who want to create a legacy in the marketplace must launch and operate a growth-oriented business. Growth builds from the bottom up, and entrepreneurs who are exploring pizza franchise opportunities should consider location, employees and suppliers as the backbones of future growth.

These are three aspects of business with which Johnny’s Pizza House is well acquainted. Throughout our 50 years in business, we’ve learned what it takes to position our famous pizza franchises for progress.

Set up your pizza franchise restaurant in the right location

The best pizza franchise locations are those that experience a high amount of lunch and evening foot traffic. Johnny’s Pizza House franchise restaurants are best positioned within shopping centers with a major anchor store. They can be freestanding or on an end-cap location. If you choose to invest in a franchise with Johnny’s, our franchise development team will provide you with procedures and guidance for site selection. This will help you understand what type of square footage, interior design and fixtures are needed.

Right now, you can partner with the best pizza franchise to own in four states near our corporate headquarters in Louisiana.

The best pizza franchise restaurants put employees first

Training and supporting your employees must be a top priority for pizza franchise owners. Successful restaurant operation centers on teamwork and passion about the products being delivered to customers. Part of what makes Johnny’s Pizza House one of the fastest growing pizza franchises is our commitment to treating our employees like family. Johnny’s franchisees get the benefit of our proprietary manuals, which teaches them how to hire, train and manage employees. Additionally, our franchise development team will visit pizza franchise locations to offer expanded or repeat training for managers and other employees.

The people who work at Johnny’s Pizza House love Johnny’s food! They’re devotees of our pizza, fans of our Flips and frequent visitors at our buffets. This gives them special incentive to make every dish delicious and to go the extra mile for every customer. We believe the attitude among our employees is at the heart of our success.

Your pizza franchise must have great vendor connections

For growth-oriented owners, a productive supplier relationship can be key to your pizza restaurant’s financial health and growth. Suppliers can dramatically impact your pizza franchise’s productivity, from product quality to timely deliveries — both crucial to the daily functions of a restaurant — to future financing and competitive pricing.

Johnny’s Pizza House eases this concern for those who take advantage of our pizza franchise opportunities by offering a list of reliable vendors. In most cases, we have negotiated volume pricing with our vendors, making the cost-savings of a Johnny’s Pizza House franchise even more attractive.

If you want to invest in a pizza franchise with a legacy of success and solid business practices, Johnny’s Pizza House has the recipe for growth. Send us a message today to find out more about becoming part of the Johnny’s family!