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Johnny’s Pizza House Celebrates Achievement of 100% Employee Ownership

By Dustin Lincoln,

Johnny’s Pizza House Celebrates Achievement of 100% Employee Ownership


January 10, 2019 – Johnny’s Pizza House is excited to announce that they have reached their goal of becoming a 100% employee owned organization. A goal that has been in the works since May of 2000 and initiated by founder, Johnny Huntsman.

Founded in 1967, Johnny’s Pizza House was supported and funded by members of the Huntsman family, friends of Mr. Johnny, and some of the very first Johnny’s Pizza House employees. As the company continued to grow over the next 30 years, Mr. Johnny began building a plan for the future. He balked at the notion of selling Johnny’s Pizza House to just anyone. Would a new owner maintain the product quality and family environment that had made the chain a Louisiana icon? What would happen to the employees? The solution was an employee stock ownership plan: a self-sufficient organization owned solely by the very employees that operated it.

Since the inception of the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) on May 18, 2000, when Johnny Huntsman sold 8,806 of his personal shares to the plan, the team at Johnny’s began working to reallocate funds to purchase the remaining shares from its existing stockholders. Those shares would then be reinvested back in to the company and its employees.

As 2018 began, Johnny’s Pizza House had reached 88% employee ownership with only 12% still held by two remaining stockholders. By the end of 2018, after 18 ½ years, Johnny’s Pizza House accomplished its goal set in 2000 and purchased the remaining stock shares to become 100% employee owned.

“Reaching 100% employee ownership is a huge accomplishment for Johnny’s Pizza House. This is a goal that we have been working towards for 18 ½ years. We were lucky to maintain good friendships and partnerships with our last two remaining stockholders during this time and they were a great support to us as we closed in on our goal,” shared Johnny’s Pizza House President, Melvin DeLacerda. “Being 100% employee owned was something that our founder, Mr. Johnny Huntsman, had envisioned for the organization. He wanted our employees to be invested in and proud of the organization they were helping to build each day. All levels of employees are eligible to participate in the plan. Everyone has a voice.”

What does this achievement mean for Johnny’s Pizza House? It means more growth and more of the same great pizza customers know and love. Johnny’s will continue to invest and expand in their communities and offer their customers quality service and the best pizza around.

50 Years in Business is Great News for Franchisees

By TopFire Media,

eat pizza every day

At Johnny’s Pizza House, we are proud to say that in our first 50 years we have grown from the only link in the world’s smallest pizza chain to almost 50 locations across three states. It’s been a busy half century, but along with the perfect balance of ingredients for our signature sauce, we found the recipe for success.

Our first restaurant was built on great-tasting pizza, excellent service, and a commitment to supporting the local community, but our longevity and growth speaks to our proven systems, ethical business practices, and our employee-centred culture.

So, if you love what we do, and you want to go into business for yourself but not by yourself, then you should consider investing in a pizza franchise opportunity with Johnny’s Pizza House.

We Offer Franchise Opportunities in Louisiana and Beyond with Full Support

Our experienced team is right there with you from the start to help guide you through the franchising process. We’ll assist you with everything from site selection and training your team to decorating your restaurant and creating a successful grand opening.

As a franchisee, you’ll get a personal franchise business consultant, and we’ll send a team of experienced staff to work side by side with you for the first couple of weeks you’re in business. We want to ensure that you hit the ground running, and that on-site support to answer questions and offer encouragement will make things infinitely easier for you. With a Johnny’s Pizza House franchise opportunity you can achieve the right balance of independence and having experienced professionals on hand to provide guidance when you need it.

We Offer a Head Start on Marketing

When you open a Johnny’s Pizza House family pizza franchise you are joining a well-known business ranked 61 in America’s Top 100 pizza companies of 2017 by Being well known and well loved is half the battle when it comes to effective marketing.

We Have Experience Rolling Out More Than Dough

Our franchisees go through a rigorous training process to ensure they are prepared to run their own business. Each one of them benefits from onsite operational assistance as well as a strong support network, which means help is never far away.

We’ve spent 50 years building relationships with all of the many suppliers necessary to run a successful family pizza franchise. As a franchisee you will gain access to our full list of approved suppliers as well as our specifications for fixtures, furniture, equipment, and signage. Taking the guesswork out of these foundational concerns will save you time and trouble.

Building Stronger Communities

If you open your own Johnny’s Pizza House fast casual pizza franchise you can support your local community. We run regular fundraising events, work with schools to offer special pricing for their scheduled activities, and encourage youth team sponsorship and playing field signage. We also celebrate local teams by incorporating memorabilia into our décor.

If you are an entrepreneur looking to build a strong business with support from an established and popular brand, contact Johnny’s Pizza House today. Be part of the next 50 years of Johnny’s Pizza House with your own family pizza franchise. We offer franchise opportunities in Louisiana and surrounding states.

Johnny’s Pizza House is the Best Pizza Franchise

By TopFire Media,

making pizza dough by hands

America is in love with pizza, and it’s easy to see why. Pizza is a simple, versatile, and deeply satisfying dish covered in melty cheese, and it tastes just as delicious cold as it is does when it’s hot and fresh.

Unless you have a real sweet tooth, it should come as no surprise that in a 2016 Harris Poll, pizza beat chocolate and mac ‘n’ cheese to the title of America’s favorite comfort food.

You might be interested in this data point as well: A 2017 industry report by PMQ Pizza Magazine valued the U.S. pizza market at a whopping $44 billion. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a slice of the action, then Johnny’s Pizza House is one of the best pizza franchises for you.  

With so many franchise opportunities in Texas and neighboring states, what makes Johnny’s Pizza House the best?

Bigger chains often run on the proposition that convenience trumps quality, but at Johnny’s Pizza House the recipe for success is based on good quality ingredients, great service, and community.

These core values are why Johnny’s Pizza House is market leader in North Louisiana and why we are voted the people’s choice for favorite pizza in reader polls conducted by independent media outlets year after year.

When you open a Johnny’s Pizza House franchise you make a commitment to serving food with an emphasis on fresh. Our handcrafted pizzas use only fresh dough made daily at each location and are generously topped all the way to the edge with fresh ingredients and high-quality meats. No pre-cooked hamburger or sausage pellets here, we sling fresh ground beef and pork sausage. The great taste of our food is one reason we’ve been able to open almost 50 restaurants across three states since we opened in 1967.

Promote strong ties within the community

A Johnny’s Pizza House franchise is also the best pizza franchise to own because we believe in nurturing the communities we feed. It’s why we started our Raising Dough program to create fundraising opportunities.

Our restaurants are decorated with memorabilia to celebrate local schools and teams, and we encourage our franchisees to sponsor youth teams and offer special rates to local schools and churches that run scheduled events. It’s a way to create goodwill and relationships within the community, and it helps to ensure a steady stream of engaged and happy customers.

We will support you every step of the way

If you’re looking for deep support from an experienced team throughout the franchising process, then Johnny’s is the best pizza franchise to own. We have tried and tested recipes, a proven business model, and more than 50 years of experience, all of which we are more than happy to share with you.

You will even have your own personal franchise business consultant, and we’ll support you with everything from site selection to operational procedures. We’ll also send you an experienced team to help with your grand opening. We understand how important it is to start on the right foot, and we want to be there to answer your questions and help you establish yourself right immediately.

Are you interested in running one of the best pizza franchises?

Our delicious food, community focus, and franchise support make Johnny’s Pizza House one of the best pizza franchises to own in Texas and neighboring states. If you’d like to discuss joining Johnny’s franchise family give us a call at (318) 807-1358, or send us a message. We’ll get back to you soon.

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